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We Unlock Our Farmers Potential With Data Driven Decisions and Digital Tools For Maximum Farming Efficiency

Our approach to farming involves utilizing digital tools and data-driven decision making to fully unleash the potential of farmers.

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Implementation of ALLIN farm to market digital agri-tech platform.


Acquisition, outreach, and engagement of farmers.


Sensitization and awareness for agri-tech value chain platforms.


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Our mission is to support emerging markets leverage digital solutions to drive social enterprise development.

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Our team have been in the information, communications and development space, and especially in Agriculture – both as consultants and providers working with existing solution providers.

Lucy Kirui
Lucy Kirui
Director & Founder
A business leader and entrepreneur, is the co-founder of Greene Edge Digital Africa Ltd. She is passionate about bringing innovative business solutions to address social challenges that foster enterprise growth.
Paul Asura
Paul Asura
Managing Director
A seasoned professional leader in business systems support and customer value creation across various spaces including agriculture, international civil service (UN) , telecoms (Safaricom PLC), technology (Leopard Group), hospitality and retail sector.
Justus Njeru
Justus is an expert advisor at Green Edge Digital Africa. He has vast experience in agricultural technology support implemented at various financial institutions for various donors. Has a proven track record in implementing financial product development assignments, experience in strategy development, market research and assessments.

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When we say that "we are proud of our partners," we acknowledge the hard work, commitment, and contributions of those we work with


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Digital agriculture refers to the use of digital technologies and data techniques to improve various aspects of agriculture, including crop management, livestock production, and farm operations.

It typically includes features such as weather information, crop and soil management advice, market information, and access to financial services.

Green Edge creates partnerships with local agents and farmer groups to discuss and train on the mobile app and applications. The agents then use the app to introduce and recruit farmers.

We can work with most agricultural commercial crops and marketable food crops grown by small holder farmers. An active project is in Irish potatoes value chain zones within Kenya.

An internet enabled smart phone for agents. For farmers either a smartphone with internet or feature phone with SMS and USSD will work.

Access is normally through a local farmer service centre organisation or group agent through a systematic onboarding process.

We provide access to up-to-date agricultural information, resources, and tools, a digital agriculture platform can help smallholder farmers make more informed decisions about their farming practices. This can lead to improved yields, increased profitability, best practice farming and more sustainable farming practices.

We work with partners who are reputable agricultural organizations, extension workers, input suppliers and other experts to provide accurate and reliable information.