About KilimoSpace Mobile

KilimoSpace® Mobile is a mobile based tool that empowers the  small-scale farmers in Africa to manage their farming business using a personal mobile financial Manager.

KilimoSpace Mobile is a mobile application that allows farmers to manage their dairy and poultry farming with customized feeding plans, feeding budgets. The mobile application comes with simplified analytic reports customized for rural farmers to monitor productivity against inputs and breeds.

KilimoSpace is a mobile application that enables farmers access content data for management of their farming enterprises.

The mobile application is customized for various Agriculture produce including Dairy,Poultry, Horticulture Tree-crops and cereals. The mobile application captures key primary data of the farm,and productivity at the farm. Based on this, proprietary analytical algorithms, the farmer is able to receive customized content as analytical tools that enables him monitor and manage feeding of his individual dairy cows, batch of poultry, end-to-end calendar on production management of tree crops.

Also access to customized budgets for Dairy cows based on feed management plan.The mobile system allows for development of credit rating and monitoring for Financial institutions for credit access to farmers. Farmer enterprises are able to provide their farmers with tools to enable them increase productivity and in turn increase Enterprises turn-over. In addition, the Enterprises are able to generate revenue by offering the services to their farmer members, as their farmers increase productivity and increase opportunity for credit with partner financial institutions.

Solution Features:
The KilimoSpace Mobile platform integrates to the Management Information System (MIS) of the Farmer Producer Enterprises to enable access of their transactions directly by farmers,

The solution is built to accommodate the whole range of mobile phone functionalities, from Java based apps  to simple SMS text messaging for low end phones. The solution is thus applicable to the SMS channel and gives responses to GPRS & USSD requests.

The KilimoSpace Mobile Platform® is built as a ‘Software as a Service’ (SAAS) platform solution that will allow for ease in replication and scalability.

The KilimoSpace Mobile Business Platform® consists of various mobile business tools that include the following:

  • KilimoSpace Farm Planner
  • KilimoSpace Dairy Planner
  • KilimoSpace Planting Planner
  • KilimoSpace Budget Planner

With KilimoSpace Mobile® , the farmer now has a tool to begin managing their farming to increase the quality and quantity of their harvest as a profitable venture.

KilimoSpace Farm Planner

Farm Mobile Planner® enables farmers manage their farming activities.

Farmers have challenge in accessing the required information and knowledge on planning and cultivation  that would enable them get quality harvests. Farm Mobile Planner enables the farmer receive targeted  SMS alert messages customized to their specific  No of dairy cows, No. of poultry birds. And for Horticulture and cereals, based on  farm size, locations and planting schedule

KilimoSpace Budget Planner

Farm Mobile Budgeter enables the farmer access Budget estimates based on their Farm inventory.  Farmers are also able to make regular  progressive budget comparisons with their actual budgets by accessing customized   reports based on their supplies  and purchase trends  with their Buyer/ Farmer Organization and  local Agrovet shops.