Kilimospace Enterprise Software

KilimoSpace Enterprise is a management Information System developed to enable farmer enterprises manage data on their membership, inventory, traders/ buyers, supplies sales transactions, and farmer payment.
Different line products are available customized to various Agriculture sectors –Dairy, Poultry, Horticulture and Cereals. The software is made up of several modules outlined below:

Farmer Bio data Manager

KilimoSpace ‘Farmer Bio-data’ Manager enables the Farmer enterprise manage data of their membership. This includes management of registered and non-registered members, shares management and shares contribution for each individual farmers, farmer  Financial management including credit management, loans and advances

 KilimoSpace POS

KilimoSpace  POS Manager  enables the farmer enterprise manage the supplies sales transaction with farmer membership ( and non-members) and manage sales transactions with registered buyers/ traders.

KilimoSpace Inventory Manager

KilimoSpace Inventory Manager   module provides inventory analytical reports on farmer supplies purchases, sales to trader and  stock levels at any given time.

Agrovet/ Farm Input Merchandizer®

KilimoSpace Merchandizer® enables local Agrovet shops manage transaction data with Farm input suppliers, in-store inventory management and farm input  sales transactions with registered  and non-registered farmer memberships.

KilimoSpace Pay Disbursement

KilimoSpace Pay disburse enables farmers receive payment through their preferred  bank or mobile payment. Farmers are able to receive pay to their Bank accounts, or to their Mobile wallet including Mpesa, Airtel Money YuCash etc.

KilimoSpace Accounts

KilimoSpace Accounts  enables Farmer Enterprise manage Accounting transactions for their organization. The module comes with standard Accounting reports including ‘Chart of Accounts’, Balance Sheet, P&L Reports, Trial Balance amongst others.

The module also has other supporting accounts module such as Payroll management, Petty cash management, Statutory deductions mgt  etc
KilimoSpace SMS Messenger

KilimoSpace SMS Messenger enables the Farmer Enterprise to communicate customized messages to their farmer membership, such as scheduled farmer meetings, training days, etc.

The Farmer enterprise is also able to customize for individual farmers to receive regular SMS alerts on various transactions  e.g. Farmer supplies statements, Payment disbursement alerts etc.

KilimoSpace Analytical Reports

KilimoSpace Analytical Reports enables the Farmer Enterprise management generate various reports that will aid in monitoring their productivity as an organization and that of individual farmers. This includes periodic trend reports on  Inventory supplies and purchases, trend on farmer supplies and purchases etc.