About Our Products

GreenEdge Digital currently has developed, and is marketing and distributing 3 flagship software products,
KilimoSpace Enterprise, KilimoSpace Cloud and KilimoSpace Mobile.

KilimoSpace software product portfolio target market is the Farmer Enterprise Societies and their farmer members. In addition, the KilimoSpace product portfolio has line products tailored for the different Agriculture sectors, namely Dairy,Poultry, Horticulture Tree crops and Cereals.

The KilimoSpace Software Platform®, is a solution  that offers a range of mobile business management tools tailored for our Micro and Small Enterprises  in the growing Africa MSME Retail and manufacturing markets and for Enterprises supporting rural farmers in the Africa continent.

To date, KilimoSpace  Software Platform provides content and support products and services to over 12,000 farmers in Western Kenya, and Central Rift through more than 10 MSME Business Enterprises. The Farmer Programmes have been facilitated through various support Donor Institutions and Private sector companies, including TechnoServe Kenya, World Bank, Kenya ICT Board amongst others.