KilimoSpace Poultry

KilimoSpace Poultry  is  tailored for  Farmer Marketing Enterprises  that  undertake the  business management of  supplies , sales and marketing of farm produce for farmers.

The KilimoSpace Dairy software consists of various  business tools that include the following:

  1. KilimoSpace Farmer Biodata manager
  2. KilimoSpace POS Manager
  3. KilimoSpace Inventory Manager
  4. KilimoSpace Agrovet Manager
  5. KilimoSpace Accounting
  6. KilimoSpace Payment Manager

The KilimoSpace Mobile Farm Planner for Poultry Farmers, enables the farmer receive targeted alert messages customized to the specific  No of Poultry Birds, Age of Birds, expected sales date for Poultry batches.

On Farm Mobile Budgeter, the farmer is able to monitor estimates on feeds, vaccinations etc based on each Poultry Bird batches.