GreenEdge Training

For ICT Solutions impacting the Agriculture Sector, GreenEdge training supports the development of training curriculum for key users across the value-chain, from farmers through to institutional service providers and support institutions.

For technical support staff training, the training program supports the various organizations to transition their business processes to new software platforms, and ensure training support on software usage.

This will entail developing and undertaking software training program for the key Technical staff and monitoring their progress, and providing relevant technical support services.

Capacity Building
Our Capacity Building program entails Capacity development for Farmers through mass deployment of training and support initiatives which include:

A’ de-centralized’ Training model - training is facilitated through the trainer-of-trainers methodology. GreenEdge trains community trainers and seek to leverage existing service provider networks such as the extension officer system for solutions targeting the Agriculture sector.

Lynchpin' users Training– GreenEdge Training also leverages ‘Trainer-of-Trainer’ models, by leveraging lynchpin’ users such as farmer leaders, market agents and similar 'lynchpin users' . Using community trainers allows the setup of both an incentive scheme to promote training, and a means for evaluating trainer performance.

For Small-scale Farmer targeted solutions, advertising may be required to reach critical mass in terms of uptake.
 In some cases an incremental/piecemeal deployment approach may be more appropriate than a mass deployment approach.

This is primarily the case where the wholesale implementation runs concurrent with various training service providers’ activities in a particular area and the target market is a specific set of stakeholders (for example traders and farmers in specific wholesale markets).