GreenEdge Project Management

Project deployment and roll-out
This process is anchored on Development and management of the Project implementation plan. Implementation of the plan will include project management of software development, solution integration and infrastructure deployment.

Key emphasis will be ensuring solution specifications are adhered to, and that each stakeholder in the value-chain is engaged in the process.

Monitoring and Evaluation
For evaluation on the success of the ICT solutions and their impact, the GreenEdge DigitalHub Project Management will provide criteria framework that each stakeholder in the value-chain will incorporate in the course of delivery of their component in the initiative.

This will be used in the development of a comprehensive Monitoring and Evaluation Report.
The Monitoring and Evaluation process entails development of a detailed approach to monitoring and evaluating project impact which integrates various different data capture processes and analyses into a comprehensive framework. This effort include refining indicators, setting targets, and developing reporting templates.

The evaluation includes reviewing baseline data, and auto-generated reports through software application amongst others. It also includes additional analysis for in-depth assessment of effectiveness of solutions delivered. In addition, user segment evaluation seeks to assess how the introduction of ICT-driven solutions impact specific user segments.