GreenEdge Product Development

In development of key ICT project initiatives, our project Development process details deployment of various processes that include the following amongst others:

i) Solution conceptualization
The GreenEdge DigitalHub™ consult services apply processes and methods that have been crafted as a result of our
understanding of technology based entrepreneurship and study of successful business case in identical markets. These include:

a) Leveraging replicable models
Based on existing understanding of the various ICT solutions available in both local and global markets, the ICT –facilitator
consortium will be able to identify the best-fit solution for specific service and market requirements.

b) Incubation of innovative ideas
This include enabling technology resources, from software developers, to devise and platform providers to build eco-system communities that allow Agri-sector stakeholders to access best-suit services for their markets

c) Harnessing existing Private sector Platforms and Networks
Based on the relationship network within the private sector and understanding of their core business objectives, GreenEdge DigitalHub™ will be able to build partnerships with private Sector providers to build scalability and sustainability.

ii) Technical design
Technical design includes development of technical specification criteria for software application, IT infrastructure, and hardware devises. The technical design will also give key priority for the unique socio aspects of the rural farmers, in terms of enabling ease in understanding and using solution, and in understanding the requirements of under-serviced areas.
In addition, the technical design will incorporate criteria for solution replication and scalability.

iii) Business Modeling
In addition to Business modeling design, a value chain mapping and analysis will be undertaken. This methodology will entail defining use-cases or full business logic, and facilitating discussions on how different scenarios can influence the original business model.

iv) Software Technical Design
Our Software Development Team has over 30 years experience in Technology Project Development and Deployment.