GreenEdge Market Development

GreenEdge DigitalHub Market Development services seeks to develop, scale and expanding successful ICT pilot initiatives.

a) Scaling of new and existing software solutions:

Different models for scalability and ways of expanding the software pilot will be developed. These are tested and recommendations put forward in how to scale-up the programme. Potential partners are identified and engaged in the process.

An Institutional and Sector technology audit evaluation process is undertaken for evaluation of capacity to scale various technology solutions. This include valuation of various technological capacity, assessment of technological features and models requirements to deliver to larger markets.

In development of sustainability models, where required, exit strategies are developed including identification and incorporation of suitable institutional ownership.

b) Incubation of innovative ideas
This include enabling technology resources, from software developers, to devise and platform providers to build eco-system communities that allow Agri-sector stakeholders to access best-suit services for their markets

c) Harnessing existing Private sector Platforms and Networks

Based on the relationship network within the private sector and understanding of their core business objectives, GreenEdge DigitalHub will be able to build partnerships with private Sector providers to build scalability and sustainability.