Budget Planner

KilimoSpace Budget Planner enables the farmer access Budget estimates based on their Farm inventory. Farmers are also able to make regular progressive budget comparisons with their actual budgets by accessing customized reports based on their supplies and purchase trends with their Buyer/ Farmer Organization and local Agrovet shops.

KilimoSpace Budget Planner enables farmers manage their farming activities.
Farmers have challenge in accessing the required information that would enable them get quality harvests.
For dairy farmers, the solution will enable farmers manage their dairy farming by:

  • Customizing a feeding plan
  • Customized AI and Dairy Feeds Budget
  • Actual Dairy Feeds Purchases.

For crop farmers, the solution will provide a customized mobile based tool that will enable them monitor their budgets. These include:

  • Customized Land Preparation, Planting , weeding and harvesting budget estimates
  • Actual spend on input purchases for Land Preparation, Planting and weeding.